Care and Maintenance

Indian rug palace Ensure your wool carpet will last longer and look better by following the basic rules of carpet maintenance


The most important maintenance step is proper vacuuming. Regular and thorough vacuuming at least once a week and more often in heavy traffic areas will remove soil and dirt particles before they become imbedded into the pile of the carpet. An upright Vacuum cleaner with rotating beater bar and brush or canister type with a power head are the most efficient cleaners. The head of the vacuum cleaner should be adjusted so that the brushes barely touch the surface of the carpet. The easiest way to do this is to place a sheet of paper under the vacuum and adjust it until you hear the beater bar hitting the paper.

  • DO NOT use a self-adjusting vacuum since they adjust too deeply into the pile and will cause excessive fuzzing.
  • DO NOT use an overly stiff brush on the beater bar since this too will cause excessive fuzzing.
  • DO NOT use any vacuum made by Oreck or Dyson as these will cause excessive fuzzing.

No claims will be accepted when an Oreck or Dyson vacuum is used.

It is important to remember to move the vacuum cleaner slowly to allow time to remove soil, and above all, make sure that the dust bag is never more than half full. Remember you cannot over vacuum, and vacuuming should begin the day the carpet is installed.

General Cleaning

If you’ve taken care to vacuum your carpet as recommended, you may not need to clean your carpet for several years. However, when the carpet does start to look soiled, we would strongly recommend having it professionally cleaned by the dry foam, dry extraction, or spray extraction methods.

Aerosol Foam Shampoo

For light cleaning of small areas, aerosol foam shampoos can be used. The foam is to be sprayed sparingly (to avoid leaving an easily re-soiled residue) directly onto the carpet and worked into the pile with a moistened sponge or brush. After the carpet is dry, which generally takes less time than with liquid shampoos, the carpet is vacuumed.

Steps for successful spot removal

1.Blot spills with white paper towels or clean absorbent cloth. Scoop solids with knife or spoon.
2.Pretest spot-removal materials in an inconspicuous area.
3.Apply cleaning agent to an absorbent towel, not the carpet, and blot.
4. Do not over-wet the carpet.
5.Work inward from the edge of the spot to prevent excessive spreading.

Wool is luxurious renewable natural fiber with outstanding stain resistance qualities. We use only the finest NZ Wools,Fine Indian Wool,Himalayan and Tibbatan Recommendation: As with many different yarns you should treat the type of stain with the recommended solution and not treat the type of yarn. Always neutralise the cause of the stain first.

Art silk is a term used for number of yarn that look and feel like silk. The most often used variety is viscose, which is made from refined timber pulp and features a beautiful lustre. Recommendation : Art silk can be treated exactly the same as wool. Treat the type of stain with the recommended solutions by neutralising the cause of the stain before attempting to clean. Over time art silk fibres will sprout up after vacuuming, do not pull the fibres directly out. Trim the art silk with scissors..

Silk is most delicate of all fibers. Silk organically fades with age to create a unique style. Recommendation : Neutralize the stain first and then gently clean the silk professional cleaners are always recommended. Please note: no fibre is stain proof.

Jute is a renewable vegetable fiber that comes from the stem of the Tossa jute plant. The stunning natural colour variations give jute rugs an original organic finish and the naturally firm yarn wears very well. Recommendation : Jute is a hard wearing and should be treated like any other fiber. Be careful to minimize the amount of water used and make sure the rug is dried well as jute retains water.

Leather Known as hide or cowhide, feature beautiful natural accents for any environment. Each hide is unique in design, different patterns and placement of the hide will lead to a one-of-kind rug. Recommendation : Include your cowhide rug in your normal cleaning routine, simply vacuum with power reduced and the vacuum head brush down. For common spills, immediately soak up as much liquid with a paper towel or sponge; to remove solid matter, use the blunt edge of a knife, scraping gently with the direction of the hair. Wipe with a damp (not wet) sponge.

Color Guide

Colour is an extremely powerful tool. It is the first thing you notice when you enter a space and is perhaps the most important element in any room. The right colour can transform your If a room is your interior design canvas, carpet is your paint brush. It can be neutral, complementing the other visual elements in the room. Or, it can be a bold, focal point of the room, making a statement. Because carpet comes in nearly every color imaginable, the choice is yours. The ever-popular beige carpet can make a room look spacious. For a bolder statement, you might match your carpet to a common color in your furniture and draperies. Environmental colors, like blues, deep greens, rosy quartz and stony neutrals are becoming increasingly popular. Warm colors can turn up the heat in a room that lacks light, while cool greens and blues have a calming effect. Lighter colors make the room seem larger; darker colors provide cosiness. Weavers Knot offer you more than 6000 colors from leading color system and shade card in woollen yarn as well Silk.

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